The Know-How To Create Better Content. Where Do You Find It?

See the Internet for what it really is. As Malcolm Auld tells us, it's a pure Direct Marketing platform.
See the Internet for what it really is. A pure Direct Marketing platform.

Some marketers seem to be better analysts than problem solvers.

They can sense difficulties in the marketplace but they’re not as cluey in dealing with them.

A case in point is getting customers and prospects to respond in the Digital Age.

Too many marketers and traditional agencies say they’re struggling with content.

Which is why you might want to turn to the experts … those who can help you avoid a sluggish, uneventful life in the office.

One in particular is Malcolm Auld.

Malcolm Auld defines the Internet as ‘a pure Direct Marketing platform’.

How right he is.

But this surprises many marketers and those in traditional agencies.

They’re oriented to the ‘here and now’ of Digital thinking, not Direct Marketing.

More’s the pity.

Because they miss proven techniques and ideas that can drive response in any age – Digital or otherwise.

Direct Marketing ideas are effective because while technology has changed, people haven’t.

They’re still human with their particular needs, desires and pain points.

They make decisions based on emotions.

Here are five Direct Marketing books that only need a bit of skimming to convince you of their value.

Commonsense Direct and Digital Marketing – Drayton Bird

Tested Advertising Methods – John Caples 

Scientific Advertising – Claude Hopkins

How to Write a Good Advertisement – Victor Schwab

The Robert Collier Letter Book – Robert Collier

Use these books to put an end to wasted potential.

They can help you take the guesswork and false starts out of creating content and emails.

They’re effective in developing messaging that can change attitudes.

They’ll give you ideas on how to overcome the indifference of the public and avoid suffocating people with boredom.

You’ll gain the ability to tell a motivating sales story.

You’ll learn how to convince customers your business is operating for their priorities, not just your own.

You’ll begin to understand how to build a relationship with people so you can communicate on a regular basis.

You’ll develop the skills to lengthen attention spans and create the moment someone buys.

We are in the Digital Age; technology is a huge advantage.

But with the ideas in these books you’ll become one thing better than a marketer.

A Direct Marketer who can get people to respond.

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