Attention-getting Headlines.

Do you know about Yul Brenner, the actor?

Yul Brenner died of lung cancer.

No surprise there, it was fully expected.

He was more than a pack a day smoker from when he was a kid. Maybe from age 9.

The result?

Doctors told him he could count his days on one hand.

What was a surprise was a 1986 film he made to convince young people to quit smoking.

It opens with Yul Brenner to camera saying if you’re seeing this I’m dead from lung cancer.

It’s a message from the grave about the dangers of smoking.

Will you find a more effective anti-smoking message? It’s unlikely.

The strength of this approach is being used again.

By Phil Gaimon, a professional bike racer.

He isn’t dead, but he could have been many times as careless drivers put him in peril while he was on his bike training.

He did a video to tell the story,

It comes with a stopper of a headline: “Please share this when I’m killed by someone driving a car.”

Have a look at the video and … yeah, have a care when you see cyclists on the road.

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