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Why Be Tonto? Why Settle for a Lesser Role in Your Marketplace?

Technology without ideas? It's a bit like a restaurant that spends more time fussing over your water glass than the food.
Technology without ideas? It’s a bit like a restaurant that spends more time topping up your water glass than paying attention to the food.

‘Make data work for you — use it to create an economic transformation.’

‘Analytics. Analytics. Analytics. That’s the way ahead.’

You hear these words at every conference and seminar you attend. You read them in more than a few trade publication articles.

So no doubt you’re already reengineering your marketing approach.

You’re optimizing technology.

You’re upgrading your training programs, revitalizing your Web presence, perfecting your digital efforts and concentrating on SEO challenges.

You’re doing more with outbound messaging, you’re integrating social media, you’re developing mobile capabilities and working to make data more understandable.

Keeping up with technology is the answer. But not the only one.

There are ‘ideas’ as well.

Technology without ideas is a bit like a restaurant that spends more time topping up your water glass than concentrating on the food.

Without the idea of ‘next-day’ and ‘same-day’ delivery Amazon couldn’t have effectively battled Walmart, FedEx and eBay.

Without the innovative ideas of the Honda ‘Hands’ commercial you’d be bored rigid hearing they also make lawnmowers, jet planes and robots.

Without the idea of, ‘When Banks Compete, You Win’, LendingTree would be just another mortgage company.

Just opened. The new Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris. Created by Frank Gehry.
Technology with a vision. The new Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris. Created by Frank Gehry.

Without an idea and a vision you wouldn’t have an innovative building like the new Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris by Frank Gehry.

Technology can be copied by your competitors. But it’s harder to copy strategic thinking.

So when it comes to ideas, make sure your ad agency starts with a healthy disregard for the obvious.

Because category thinking often gets you no further than barren circumstances and the solutions your competitors adopt.

Get your agency creatives to dig deeper for impactful ideas. Ones that are the opposite of the ‘wallpaper’ that describes a lot of content these days.

An old joke about the ‘thought process’ should prompt you to do it.

It’s the one that defines a solution as the point when everyone in the room got tired of thinking.

There’s little equity in that.

And less equity in being Tonto.

Share with us. Besides technology what ideas are you using to gain market share?  Which brands are doing it right when it comes fresh ideas? Thanks for reading Regards, Steve Ulin