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The Corpse Club.

The Corpse Club was founded by Evelyn Waugh when he was at school.

Probably age 15 or so, around about 1918.

Evelyn Waugh at school. He went on to found the Corpse Club and write novels like the hilarious Decline and Fall and Brideshead Revisited.

It was fashionable then to display a superior attitude to the tedium of the classroom.

Rote learning was killing. School masters who were anything but wry, smart and funny were even worse.

As a subversive response to the dullness of it all, the Corpse Club was for those who were bored stiff.

It was home to you if you were cynical, witty, vengeful and irked by monotony.

Monotony in all its forms … it makes me think we could do with a Corpse Club in the current lockdown.

But this time the Club agenda would include something beyond cynicism. Something positive.

Those in marketing and advertising might want to take note.

Because instead of subjecting your customers and prospects to ads that bore them stiff you could work for something better. 

Something with wit, charm and reasoned persuasion that will hold a prospect’s interest. 

We’re talking ads that go beyond corporate imperatives to reflect a customer’s point of view. 

How do you go about this? 

Not by being an armchair theorist and not by making the mistake of taking advice solely from yourself.

So reach out. There are more than a few blogs and books out there to teach you how to think and do better ads.

One is from Drayton Bird.

David Ogilvy thought the world of him and I’m betting you will as well when you visit

Then there’s a book called Predatory Thinking, from Dave Trott.

It’s one of many he’s done that have awakened scores of marketers and creative people.

Be the next to benefit by giving Predatory Thinking a go in the lockdown.

Because if you’re not predatory in your approach to attracting and keeping customers you can bet one group of people will be.

Your competitors.