Cold as Ice.

We don’t have green fingers in our house.

Nobody is a dab hand with plants.

Yet our orchids are something special.

Credit for that goes to the discovery of a secret way to look 

after them.

Avoid watering orchids like other plants; instead place ice cubes 

in their pots.

That way the release of water is just what they require.

Slow and steady care to thrive.

How about a secret way to nurture creative people.

That starts with creative directors who are as cold as ice

when it comes to approving ads.

If the work tries to force-fit purpose to the brand, a red pencil

is required.

If the work lacks stopping power, the creative team is sent

back to fix it.

If the work lacks originality other teams are invited to improve

on that.

If the work is up against a deadline the creative director calls the

client with the good news.

Instead of expedient work ready to the minute, breakthrough ideas

are in the works.

Of course all this is dependent on one thing.

Canny creative directors.

Pros with the nous to do better work and the desire to quosh clueless 


Like ill-chosen influencers, fabrication of a flimsy social connciousness and

putting purpose before the one thing CFOs live for.


The best creative directors should be able to do all that.

But only if they’re cold as ice.

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