In Advertising You Face Many Challenges. Now Add Bed Bugs.

Somewhere out there you may find and unwelcome surprise. Bed bugs.
Somewhere out there you may find an unwelcome surprise. Bed bugs.

We just had a brand project that involved travel.

Two cities over a few days for focus groups.

The client booked the hotels.

Then we discovered a Website that signaled a problem.

Bed bugs. had the details. One of our hotels was on their list.

More than few appearances of the little critters were reported over a period of time.


This hotel isn’t a creepy place like the Bates Motel.

It’s not obscure and it isn’t a roadside eyesore in decline since 1980s.

It’s part of a large upmarket chain. Pictures online reflect taste and comfort, if not a bit of luxury.

Still, even with a polished look you’re not about to check in, are you?

Further research reveals some of the best hotels in America have, or have had, bedbugs.

The highest priced, most swish places can be infested.

Sorry for that depressing news.

But you can see the problem for yourself. Just troll through the listings on

Check TripAdvisor while you’re at it.

As you’re probably well aware, it’s the site that keeps hotels on their toes with content written by customers.

To us, the power of the customer is never better exemplified than on this site.

It’s an education to read the good and the bad to get into the mindset of people and their expectations.

Call it a useful exercise in studying personas.

Another option for you could be Airbnb.

They’re claiming 1,500,000 unique listings in more than 190 countries.

You can even rent a castle if Ireland is your destination.

Impressive for a 2008 startup.

But apart from finding accommodation, if you have a focus group in another city use the power of the Internet.

Do your research online.

That way you can stay home and sleep as you’ve always done. Without critters.

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