Struggling With a Problem at Work? Wander Through An Art Gallery.

GalleryWe shopped for a wedding present this week.

Each store we visited got the same question, ‘is the purchase returnable?’

Because you never know, do you?

We heard a story about a London couple whose marriage lasted five days.

But that’s ‘ages’ according to the Guinness Book of Records.

Britney Spears beats all-comers having stretched things out to a few hours after a Vegas wedding.

The five-day couple had a blazing row on honeymoon in Paris and went back to London on separate trains.

They had to return the wedding presents.

So back went the lot, including all the usual stuff like crystal wine glasses and Le Creuset ovenware.

But there was also a glass sculpture by the famous artist, Dale Chihuly.

It got us thinking about an original work of art as a gift.

Luckily a friend and talented cartoonist, Geoff Stevenson — see his work: — steered us to the Saatchi Gallery online.

If the idea of discovering magnificent things pleases you, you’ll want to have a look.

We spotted just the right drawing in far less time than Britney Spears stayed married.

Unlike the Chihuli piece you don’t need to be a Rothschild to afford something unique.

But that didn’t end things.

We kept on looking for our own enjoyment. An hour or so later we were still at it. What a pleasure.

Wandering through an art collection gives you ideas. Somehow it opens your mind and works as a seedbed for better thinking.

Years ago when art directors and writers in London got a creative brief they’d often read it once then head to the Tate Gallery.

They said things happened as you experienced the art, you relaxed. Your creative abilities were all the better for it.

When you returned to the office there was never a shortage of ideas that were ‘different’.

How this works is a bit of a mystery. But it works.

Maybe when you take this kind of break your subconscious does the heavy lifting.

Next time you have a difficult marketing or advertising problem try it.

Your life in the office could improve by logging on to the Saatchi Gallery.

On the social side of things, if you need a wedding present you’ll be golden there, as well.

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