If You’re a Skilled Marketer, Why Talk Gibberish To Prove It?

Jargon like 'matrix enterprise schemas' ... even Athenians would say 'it's all Greek to me'.
Jargon like ‘matrix enterprise schemas’ … even Athenians would say ‘it’s all Greek to me’.

We’re memorizing a list of unusual words to use when we’re stuck as Scrabble players.

Yeuk, yirth, ensky and huhly are among them.

They’re bound to rack up the score and upset competitors.

We’re heartless that way. Our cruelty knows no limits.

Ensky means ‘to exalt’, the rest are anybody’s guess.

To us Scrabble and high school vocabulary tests are the only places for unnecessarily complicated words.

Certainly they don’t belong in business if you want people to understand you.

These days you get a stunning amount of rubbish with expressions like matrix enterprise schemas, incubate granular methodologies and mesh frictionless technologies.

Who knows what they mean. It’s all Greek to us.

Who cares, other than those wannabes who use over-complicated words to feel superior to everyone else.

Why don’t they get a life.

After all, isn’t the importance of a marketer based on differentiating the brand?

Isn’t it reliant on imaginative planning?

Isn’t it about selling more product and gaining a bigger market share?

Most smart business people know one thing.

When it comes to success Δεν έχει τίποτε να κάνει με ρίχνοντας ορολογία.

Which is Greek for ‘it has nothing to do with spouting jargon’.

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