Are You Getting 15 Hours of Sleep?

Chef, Heston Blumenthal. Could you match his hard work? Photo courtesy of Christopher W. Adach
Chef, Heston Blumenthal.
Could you match his hard work?
Photo courtesy of Christopher W. Adach

15 Hours of sleep.

That’s the way to success.

That’s how to put the competition behind you and engage audiences.

It did just that for English chef, Heston Blumenthal, owner of The Fat Duck in Bray, Berkshire.

Without the usual experience in top restaurants and with little cash, the self-taught chef built a Michelin three-star restaurant from scratch.

The Fat Duck was voted Best Restaurant in the UK and has rated 10/10 each year since 2007.

All on 15 hours of sleep a week — a seven-day average of two hours or so a night.

In short, Heston Blumenthal sacrifices sleep for work.

How about you?

Maybe some of those ‘never-quite-happy’ marketers should put bedtime on hold when it comes to online messaging.

Have you noticed? Too many emails, videos and Websites come off as little more than an annoyance.

They’re packed with enough impact and memorability to bring them up to the inept level.

So, why aren’t more marketers focused on strong ideas that can separate their brand from the next?

What’s happened to the thought of interactivity and making content more helpful and less intrusive?

Why don’t more brands concern themselves with a user’s experience?

While your competitors may be content to let a boardroom point of view dictate their messaging, it opens the way for you to be more customer-oriented.

With that, focus on the way your customers and prospects think; hone in on their problems, needs and desires.

Go from a laundry list of your product features to a more considered list of benefits for your target audience.

Make your messaging about the people who buy what you sell.

As Heston Blumenthal might say, with that sort of approach you’re bound to catch your competitors napping.


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