Now If You’re Accused of Being ‘Plastic’, That’s Good.

Wii your brain be as good at 90? That's the age when architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, designed the Guggenheim Museum. Photo by kind permission of Kwong Yee Cheng – CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
Will your brain be as good at 90? That’s the age when architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, designed the Guggenheim Museum.
Photo by kind permission of Kwong Yee Cheng – CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

 If you’re as plastic as Barbie, or Ken, you’re on the right track.

We’re talking about plasticity of the brain, of course.

The ability of your brain to change itself. To grow in power, to be retooled, expand, become more cognitive and surprise you with unforeseen ability.

This is the science of neuroplasticity.

It’s a proven thing. We’re no longer limited by thinking that insists our brains are hardwired, immutable and held back by genetic make-up, health, social status and intelligence.

Neuroplasticity detours around all that with real news.

Your brain is always undergoing massive plastic reorganization and you can expand your mental capacity. You can develop your brain even after injuries

Scientists tell us it’s possible to redesign the brain and boost cognition.

Weak activation of brain areas can become stronger; any brain can benefit.

More to that, you can learn complex skills and languages your whole life. では、日本でもリーンでき … which translates as, you can even learn Japanese.

Call it a new swagger for your mental abilities. Because the limit to what a brain can absorb is far greater than previously thought.

Equally, as you grow older you may not have to completely surrender to diminished mental abilities.

It’s fascinating to note Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Guggenheim Museum when he was 90. An agile mind.

But with brain training would the architect have made the Guggenheim even more stunning than it is? Scientists might say, ‘quite possibly’.

It’s thought that brain exercises enrich your mind and help avoid Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Think what that could mean to vast numbers of people and their families.

All this isn’t just my opinion.

The work of Dr. Michael Merzenich has pioneered brain research.

Read about him in The Brain That Changes Itself by Michael Doidge, M.D.

Delve into this book and you could well agree, it’s a must for anyone curious about improvement, achieving more and discovering that you can push back barriers you didn’t even know were there.

It gives new meaning to the expression ‘change your mind’ with the fact that we’re finally beginning to rewire our brains to use more of our brilliance.

Remember grade school science class and the observation that we only use a small part of the brain? That seems to be changing.

The CEO of, Mike Scanlon has much to say about that.

His thought is, you work out your body, why not work out your brain.

Luminosity’s six-word tagline — Discover What Your Brain Can Do – is strong on promise.

It’s prompted people to go on his site for brain training that’s fun; training that feels like you’re just playing games, but the benefits could be dramatic.

With Luminosity, chances are you’ll discover your brain is awake and it can re-make itself, giving you more insight, greater concentration and deeper memory.

As we said, there’s real ‘promise’ there. You might begin to think that improving your brain isn’t just your job but your hobby, with all the interest and dedication that comes with doing something you love.

In business it could transform the HR department. Their job could become not just sourcing and onboarding people but building the capabilities of current staff by adding brain training and psychologists to manage it.

How about businesses that promote human improvement? Like gyms, day spas and some clothing stores.

Imagine if you could to walk into Michael Kors for a handbag and come out with a great choice plus having completed a special online brain training session to help you select it.

You drive home brighter for your purchase and your mental improvement.

Equinox is a gym in Manhattan that seemingly has everything. Maybe the best gym ever. You’d be hard pressed to improve anything about it.

Until now.

After cardio and weight training, imagine shifting over to brain training to top off your workout.

To coin a phrase you’d have the ‘strong mind in a strong body’ thing going for you.

If you’ve read this far, there’s one thing to consider.

The last 683 words would have been better and more valuable for you if …

If only this writer had more brain training.

Share your experiences with us. You send your people to seminars and have them read books to become more effective. Could braining training help them and help you empower your business? Thanks, Steve Ulin.  LinkedIn:








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