Gorilla Glue, Where Are You? When You’re Needed Most.

The cleaner that broke the beard off this 3,300 year-old priceless Egyptian artifact should have had Gorilla Glue. We all should, actually, for all those tchotchkes in our own homes that are in the habit of breaking.
Downcast, shattered  and unhappy in the extreme … that describes museum staff when a  cleaner  broke the beard off this 3,300 year-old priceless Egyptian artifact. But think about it … doesn’t super glue also mend broken hearts?  Maybe that could have been the message for say, Gorilla Glue in a timely online ad.

Where’s Gorilla Glue?

Where are the rest of the super glue brands?

We’re not talking about stock on a store shelf; we’re referring to an online presence.

We’re talking about timely ads here.

Where’s the online creative work for Gorilla Glue showcasing it with King Tut’s solid gold funerary mask?

The one that was recently broken by a cleaner. As you probably know, the beard snapped off.

An accident like that becomes less of a worry when you have super glue handy, right?

The chipped-off beard is a communications opportunity.

So why not run an ad?

Why not remind people that super glue is terrific for mending the odd three thousand-year-old solid gold Egyptian artifact you might have lying around the house.

Short of that application, it’s also good for gluing a kid’s flapping shoe sole back on to the shoe.

Many ads these days, as they say, are enough to give an aspirin a headache. They’re dull at best.

But timely ads can change peoples’ minds about advertising. They’re accepted, they penetrate.

Amazing how those who spend their life purposely ignoring bland communications perk up when your messaging is timely.

Some ad curmudgeons have actually been known to smile.

Why? An instant connection is made with something in their frame of reference.

It all comes back to one of the most effective rules in marketing and advertising.

Don’t cook up an advertising solution in your boardroom, find it in your prospect’s mind.

Do you remember this?  ‘You can still dunk in the dark?’

It was the Oreo Tweet about the Super Bowl XLVII blackout.

It’s timely, memorable and pretty brilliant.

A nice catch … better than any on the field.

To do this sort of work, take a leaf from the great London agency, Collett Dickenson & Pearce.

Before starting work each day creative teams combed the news media for stories that might link to any of the agency’s brands.

It became standard procedure, I’m told.

Well, after all, shouldn’t you be thinking on behalf of your clients 24 hours a day?

The Collets teams didn’t find something everyday.

But when they did you got the kind of impact money can’t buy.

Share with us. Tell us, how do you go about finding solutions to your marketing and advertising problems in your customers’ minds? Thanks for reading Why Be Tonto. Regards, Steve Ulin LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/1Bey3Jl




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