Christmas. Haven’t We Already Had It In June?

The Loeb Boathouse, Central Park.
The Loeb Boathouse, Central Park.

You’re doing a run in Central Park and it’s amazing what you can see.

Woody Allen on foot crossing from the East Side to the West Side.

A guy with Mylar wings trying to become a human kite.

A 38-person drum circle so insistently fast and rhythmic it turns your running regime into a four-minute mile.

But last June there was something quite different.

A crowd of destitute people at the Loeb Boathouse Restaurant would have caught your eye.

They were having lunch at the trendy eatery.

A Chinese billionaire called Chen Guangbiao hosted them. He paid the bill for those who were poor and homeless.

This was his charity luncheon for 1000 Americans with literally nothing.

Those with no hope.

It was a random act of kindness that came from a Chinese billionaire who wanted to do good. It was as simple as that.

About 300 people turned up for the meal.

For them it was like Christmas in June. Many felt all their Christmases has come at once.

Had you been there you would have heard this from a homeless man:

‘Somebody gives a f– –k.’

A nice thought for this time of year.

So, Merry Christmas, Chen Guangbiao.

And Merry Christmas to you.












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